About Me

My name is Vincent Iachetta Jr, you may call me Vini.

My passion is strength training and health. Much of my experience and knowledge has been acquired and built out through a close to a decade of playing football. Much of my football career was spent in the weight room and at the dinner table attempting put on mass and muscle in order to more marketable to collegiate athletic recruiters. I was and am a hard gainer and because of this I have tried every workout under the sun without really ever understanding the philosophy or fundamentals that work.

From drop sets to pyramids to multiple one rep max’s, I have done it all and failed. But through the failure, injuries I have learned an enormous amount about strength training, health, personal growth and myself. I’ve battled back from an devastating and career ending injury to finish my career strong and continue to deal with the adverse after affects of being a football player to this day.

Through various forms of training like yoga, crossfit, gymanstics, olympic lifts etc I forge onward and push myself to be better physially and mentally. Through this blog I hope to share my story and maybe help others along the way.

I have been around the block so to speak in many aspects of my life but then again many other people have been around it quite a few times more. The first step to acquiring a vast amount of knowledge and intellect is to admit you know nothing. I know nothing, together we may hope to learn something. My family and friends are my life. My life is an open book but the end is unwritten. I talk in metaphors, I talk to much are not at all. I’m man of extremes and vices but more importantly modesty. Know humility and know your god. Find your spirituality and find your peace. Forget often but don’t let go. I contradict myself and prove myself and sometimes I make a point that’s dull. I am a character, a clown, a brother, a son, a friend, a red hawk, a man, a WARRIOR. Who am I? I am me. I am what I am and that’s all that I am.

“I have the spirit of a warrior brave and courageous yet vulnerable at times. I believe that there is good in everybody and that all it comes down to is love. I care for and love each and every person in my life and would die for all of them if need be.”

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